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Keeping the Local Authority informed – priority work for every provider

Thank you to those early years providers who have responded, however there are still providers who have not yet replied to the weekly requests. We do appreciate this is a challenging time and we will call settings if you don’t respond, in an attempt to gather data which is required by DfE.  Please support us through the COVID-19 period by responding to the surveys we send out each week, as some of the content does change depending on the information required


Last week’s survey included information about your plans to re-open on 1/6/20 and your understanding of your parents' plans.


Please help us inform the DfE by completing the form that’s relevant to whether your provision is open or closed now:

School-based early years provision
The DfE require school-based nurseries, including maintained nursery schools, be included in the early years data return. We are aware of the slight possible overlap with the school attendance data collected daily however, the DfE need a comprehensive understanding of the number of children in formal early years childcare, and that's not possible to get from the schools collection as there is no age breakdown of the children attending schools.


We also recently sent out a survey to gather information about vulnerable children who attend your setting. Please complete this if you haven’t already done so or let your advisor know if you don’t have any vulnerable children.


You need to submit a form for each vulnerable child, whether they are currently attending or at home with their family. We would appreciate your responses for each child as soon as possible; our team will be following up where we haven’t received information.


Complete form


Please read our privacy notice and be assured, your responses are encrypted and can only be accessed by those that are authorised and deleted when no longer required. Parents should already be aware what personal  information you may share with Dorset Council; this would normally have been brought to your attention through your policies.


Thank you for supporting us to support you.

20 May 2020

Joanna Martin
Early Years and Childcare
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