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2 year childcare funding Golden Ticket changes due to coronavirus

Because of new coronavirus rules, most children eligible for 2 year funding can't now access childcare.

Therefore we've revised our processes for these families, and also for eligible children who continue to attend because they are vulnerable or their parent is a critical worker, who can't safely care for them at home. 


Golden Tickets sent


In early March we sent Golden Tickets to parents of children eligible for 2 year early education funding, with the expiry date of 6 May 2020. As you know, a lot has changed since then.


Therefore we've revised our process:


If a child:

Parents of children eligible for 2 year funding can use the Golden Ticket as normal with Good and Outstanding providers that have remained open

  • can not attend childcare

Parents can still use the Golden Ticket when providers open again for everyone 


We've updated our 2 year funding page for parents to explain this. 


Going forward


The DWP were due to send the next list of low income eligible parents on 6 April. Given the current situation the DfE have decided to suspend the list for April.

They will assess the situation as we move forward and will let us know in due course whether we should expect a list in June.


If you're caring for children who are vulnerable or their parent is a critical worker, and they are eligible for 2 year funding then:


1. Parents meet the low income and benefits criteria 


Parents should apply using our online eligibility checker. This includes children in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA). 


2. Other eligible children

  • looked after by the local council
  • left care through a special guardianship order (SGO), adoption or residency order
  • has an education, health and care (EHC) plan

Contact us with their details.




24 Mar 2020

Tina Ironside
Family Information Service
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