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School Closure Instructions and Information on GIS

What to do and what you need to know if you need to close your school - planned or unplanned.

The decision to close a school or setting is taken by the Headteacher/Manager based on a risk assessment considering a number of factors:

• Local management;
• Conditions at the school/setting; and
• The health and safety of staff and pupils.
Issues considered could include, but are not limited to, whether there is catering available; public transport services are running; the site is safe for pupils/staff and, if conditions worsen, will pupils/staff be able to return home safely.

If at all possible, the school/setting will remain open for as many children as possible. Schools/settings will do all they can to re-open as soon as appropriate.

If a school/setting has to close, information will be made available to parents/carers through the school's/setting's normal communications channels (including their website).


Instructions for 'closing' and 'reopening' your school on the Dorset Council GIS system are available in our Instructions for Schools Closure document - attached.

Latest information on school’s correct status is shown going to

The Department for Education website has further detail on how to manage your schools open status in a variety of emergency scenarios.

This includes guidance on marking pupil attendance and what to do if limited numbers of staff are available.


If flooding has significantly affected your school or early years setting, you should contact DfE directly using 

Early Years providers who have had to move to temporary premises should check to see if they need to register with Ofsted at their new premises.


17 Oct 2019

Lucy Dean
Schoolsnet on Nexus
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