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LSCB Child Criminal Exploitation – County Lines

SPACE is a not-for-profit organisation responding to the national scourge & prevalence of COUNTY LINES (Child Criminal Exploitation) which has seen thousands of children & young peopleexploited & entrenched into organised crime, serious harm & violence.
SPACE offers a unique perspective of County Lines stemming from law-enforcement & lived experience.

The training will cover the following outcomes:

-Personal story triggering and testing every possible professional response and intervention;


-County Lines indicators, gaps and challenges, as well as best practice approaches;


-Relevance of missing episodes, what happens during and after, and how can we improve responses;


-The relevance of the National Referral Mechanism under Modern Slavery legislation (County Lines is child criminal exploitation; which is human trafficking);


-Types of children targeted in the grooming process, and how, including vulnerabilities and pull factors;


-Challenges in the secure placement setting (often proposed as a solution to persistent missing);


-Need to treat parents (particularly where protective factors) as partners in child and young people's exploitation and safeguarding.

There are multiple dates throughout 2019-20

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26 Mar 2019

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