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Important Message from Andy Reid regarding Brexit

Dear Colleagues,


Please see below an important message from Andy Reid regarding Brexit and its implications for schools.




Good Afternoon Colleagues


We are currently undertaking work to understand the potential impact of a hard Brexit on local government in Dorset, and maintain or increase our resilience.  One area that has been highlighted is our  schools.  


For your convenience there is a link below to the government website. This link will take you to pages that include guidance for schools on preparing for a no deal exit from the EU.   Should a ‘no deal exit’  go ahead  schools may also want  to review their business continuity plans and impact assessments to ensure that they can maintain services.



We, as a Local Authority, need to capture any information about potential vulnerabilities. If there is anything in regard to your school that you believe would fall into that category that is not covered in the guidance please make us aware.


01 Mar 2019

James Iaciofano
Schoolsnet on Nexus
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