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Eligibility for free school meals – update

Due to the national roll out of Universal Credits, protection has been put in place for eligible children to continue to receive free school meals. We would appreciate if you could help us communicate this information to parents.


All children who receive free school meals will remain eligible until at least 31 March 2022. This also applies to any new children who are approved before this date. From 31 March 2022, any child receiving free school meals will remain eligible until they have graduated from that school phase (eg a child in reception on 31 March 2022 would remain eligible until they finished Primary School in 2028).


This means that between now and 31 March 2022, parents do not need to contact Dorset County Council to cancel free school meals, even if they feel that their child is no longer eligible.


More information about this and eligibility for free school meals can be found on Dorsetforyou.


Thank you.

02 May 2018

Kate Rickard
Schoolsnet on Nexus
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