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DES is unavailable this weekend

 DES users will not be able to access any part of DES after 3pm on Friday 2 February, access will be reinstated from Monday 5 February when users should be able to log in when arriving for work on the Monday morning.

Since DES’s major facelift in February 2017, ICT colleagues who develop and maintain the system apply ‘patches’ at regular monthly intervals to ensure that DES continues to perform effectively, whilst maintaining required security levels; this happens over one weekend each month to cause as little disruption as possible as the system needs to be down while the update is applied.


The patch that is being applied in February 2018 requires the system to be down for longer than normal and we are asking DES users to be logged out by 3pm on Friday.


If for any reason there is a delay and the restriction needs to be extended, we will communicate this via Nexus and users will see an error on the screen when trying to log in.

02 Feb 2018

Rob Carter
HR / Pay Services
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