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Our purpose, quite simply, is to help create circumstances in which successful teaching and learning can take place. Managing schools to sustain such good provision is demanding and requires effective support services.

The current challenging financial context means that we all need to test value for money and ensure we are using our core resources to best effect. Good quality support and business services are essential and the council is committed to delivering high value, efficient services and acting on feedback from schools and academies. It is important for all concerned that we get this right and our services are seen as a positive factor in promoting good education.


We offer a holistic and integrated portfolio of support services.

Our service providers are highly regarded by schools, academies, colleges and early years providers and have a long history of establishing strong partnerships and relationships with key stakeholders in these institutions to ensure high quality day-to-day support leading to positive outcomes for children and young people.

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The council recognises and supports the independent and autonomous role of schools and sees its role as acting on behalf of children and their families. We want to do this in a strong spirit of partnership with schools and academies and maintain our current good working relationships. Dorset Nexus has been established following feedback and communication from Dorset schools who expressed a wish for one central place to access all their support services information.

Prices are not displayed on the external portal. In order to establish prices for services for your particular type of establishment you will need to have 'user access'. To discuss your requirements, in the first instance, please contact the Nexus team.

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