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Funding help for schools to improve the wellbeing of your pupils through physical activity
17 Oct
Could pupils at your school benefit from a more creative approach to movement and activity? A new funding scheme from Public Health Dorset, asking schools to look beyond the regular PE and sport opportunities, could help you to achieve this. The Emotional and Mental Health Wellbeing Through Physical Activity Fund is available to all primary, secondary and special needs schools in Dorset. Schools can use the fund to build an ethos and culture of movement and activity within all aspects of the school day. Schools should be innovative and creative in their approach to meet the individual needs of their own pupils and community. Unlike other schemes, schools are not limited to the amount of money they apply for, or what the money is spent on. The only condition is the money must be spent on improving emotional health and wellbeing. Schools can apply for funding to be used on an existing project, or something completely new and schools will need to apply by 5 November. For more information, guidance and applications, visit: http://www.publichealthdorset.org.uk/whole-school-approach/
An Introduction to No Nonsense Spelling
15 Oct
An Introduction to No Nonsense Spelling 7 Nov 2018 – 13.15 – 16.00 Durweston Village Hall, Church Road, Durweston, Blandford, Dorset DT11 0QA In association with Babcock LDP and Raintree Publishers we bring you ‘An Introduction to No Nonsense Spelling’ a complete spelling programme. No Nonsense Spelling is a new complete spelling programme created by teachers for teachers. The programme is: · Flexible and easy to use · Comprehensive, designed to meet with the needs of the new National Curriculum · Tried and tested by teachers · Years 2-6 This training will introduce delegates to the materials, concepts and approaches used in the No Nonsense Spelling programme ready for implementation back in school. The training session will be led by Rebecca Cosgrave, Lead English Adviser for Babcock LDP.
An EYFS Twilight Session delivered by Kym Scott
27 Sep
Providing challenge in the EYFS through enabling Environments * Hear some of the myths that circulate around challenge, & explore what it really looks like in practice for young children. * Explore the key elements that need to be in place in order to develop self-regulated, resilient young learners who seek to challenge themselves. * Focus in more closely on the particular role of the adult & environment with regards to ensuring children are truly challenged in their self-chosen play & exploration. * Be inspired with visual images that show how easily & cheaply challenging experiences can be provided for young children. DORSET: Date: Mon 28th Jan 2019 Time: 4.30 - 6pm Venue: Bincombe Valley Primary School, Culliford Way, Littlemoor, Weymouth DT36AF Cost: £25 per person To book go to www.kymscottconsultancy.com & select ‘Current Events’. Alternatively complete the form attached
An EYFS half day or twilight session delivered by Kym Scott
27 Sep
Interacting with children in ways which support & extend their self-initiated learning *Explore the key elements that lead to high quality interactions which genuinely extend children’s thinking, language and learning. * Receive a supportive tool to take away, that will enable you to evaluate the quality of day to day practice in this area. * See and discuss various video footage of real interactions which exemplify the key points raised. * Review the role of questioning in interactions with children and consider what types of questions are most effective. * Learn specific strategies for scaffolding children’s learning and see how these look in practice. TWILIGHT SESSION IN DORSET: Date: Mon 11th Feb 2019 Time: 4.30 - 6pm Cost: £25 pp Venue: Bincombe Valley Primary School, Culliford Way, Littlemoor, Weymouth DT36AF Cost: £25 per person To book go to www.kymscottconsultancy.com & select ‘Current Events’. Alternatively complete the form attached
Vision Support Service
24 Sep
Improving access for children with a Visual Impairment This booklet is designed to help school staff and governors understand how to make the school environment less confusing for a child and young person who has a visual impairment. It contains strategies and principles which can be applied around any school or college, for example by keeping areas clear for safe mobility and travel. This and other strategies will help enable young people to be as independent as they can around their learning environment through utilising their remaining vision. We hope that that will be a useful resource that will support the services offered by the Vision Support Service.
New Pottery and Heat Treatment Contract Arrangement
19 Sep
Following a tender process, the arrangements for the Inspection and Maintenance of Pottery and Heat Treatment Equipment have been awarded to Celtic Kilncare for the period 17/09/2018 - 16/09/2019. Attached is the contract outline containing contact information, specification and the price schedule. Please be aware that part of the Heat Treatment servicing will be subcontracted by Celtic Kilncare, for more information please refer to the contract details on page 4 of the document. Gas Safety - Please ensure that all gas supplies have been inspected by a registered Gas Safe Engineer who will supply a safety record/certificate. The kiln and heat treatment contract is for the equipment only. If you wish to include the gas safety check please contact Celtic Kilncare or you may use your current Gas Safety Engineer. For more information, please contact Kevin Way from the Health and Safety Team at k.way@dorsetcc.gov.uk or 01305 221503. If you have any queries on the contract, please contact Tom Matthews at Thomas.J.Matthews@dorsetcc.gov.uk or 01305 221265.