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School Support Services Open Day Event - Friday 2nd March 2018
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Big freeze forecast – remember the school closure procedures
23 Feb
The weather is forecast to turn colder this weekend, with severe frosts overnight, and the possibility of snow. So, we thought it would be timely to remind you of the procedures for school closures. Instructions for ‘closing’ and ‘reopening’ your school on the Dorset County Council GIS system: 1. Follow this URL to access the login page http://mapping.dorsetforyou.com/closedservices/admin (you can do this on any device with internet access including PCs and mobile phones). 2. Enter your username and password and click on the login button or hit 'enter'. 3. You will be presented with a list of services that you can edit – for headteachers this will just show schools. 4. When you click on ‘schools’ you will be presented with the name of your school. 5. If your school is open the green box alongside it will be selected. If you select the ‘closed’ box this will show your school as being closed. If you select ‘partially closed’ this will show your school as being partially closed. The school closure or partial closure will then be displayed on dorsetforyou.com. Ideally you should do this by 6.30am. 6. At 4 p.m. all closed schools will default back to open. If the school is closed on subsequent days you will need to CLOSE it again. 7. You can check the correct status is shown by logging out and going to http://mapping.dorsetforyou.com/closedservices. Notifying the local media, particularly radio stations: 1. Schools will NO LONGER be required to notify local radio stations themselves. 2. Dorset County Council’s communications unit have notified the local media that the process has now changed and that they will find the DEFINITIVE list of closures on dorsetforyou.com. 3. You should notify parents that radio stations will still carry information about closures but that they can also access the information on http://mapping.dorsetforyou.com/closedservices. Forgotten username If you have forgotten your username you can also use your registered username address to login. This is normally your ‘office@’ email address. Forgotten password If you have forgotten your password follow the 'Forgotten your Password' link on the login form. This will then send a new password to the registered e-mail. Contact information For questions about the GIS system, please call: 01305 224861 (07967 504716 in emergencies only). For other queries regarding the school closure process please email: schoolscourses@dorsetcc.gov.uk or phone 01305 22 4995
Dorset Music Service - Service Level Agreement 2017/18
22 Feb
Please vies the Service Level Agreement when making a booking.
DBS Employment Check System
20 Feb
The DBS Employment Check System is currently experiencing an error with the security certificate. The DBS employment check system is hosted by Kent County Council, who have informed us that they are working to resolve the issue as a priority. You can still use the site by selecting “continue to this site” through internet Explorer. The existing certificate is still applied so access to the site is secure.
New Advocacy and Independent Visitor Service launches in Dorset
15 Feb
It is important that we ensure that the views and wishes of children and young people are taken into account when key decisions about their lives are being made. Advocacy provides independent one to one support for children and young people to make sure that their voices are heard when decisions are being made about them, or if they want to make a complaint. If they are Looked After/Leaving Care, Children in Need, or involved in SEND transition assessments, mental capacity assessments or child protection processes – they may be entitled to the support of an independent advocate. "My advocate helped me say the things I wanted to say but was too scared to…." Independent visitors are trained volunteers who befriend and mentor a child or young person in care who has little or no contact with their birth parents and who would benefit from having an independent adult in their life. Whether it's trying a new activity, going out and about, or just being a listening ear, the independent visitor will be there for the long haul. Independent visitors are highly valued by the young people as they are often the only person involved in their lives who are not paid to be there. "She's like the aunty I never had ." DCC now has a contract with Action for Children to provide both these independent services. The services are free for children and young people who meet the criteria You can find out more and how to make a referral from their website. Action for Children, Bournemouth Learning Centre, Bournemouth, BH10 4HG 01202 525643|@actnforchildren|Actionforchildren.org.uk
School Support Services Open Day Event - Friday 2nd March 2018
09 Feb
Traded Services for Schools Open Day The next Traded Services for Schools Open Day event where we will be showcasing our services will take place at Kingston Maurward House, Dorchester, DT2 8PY. Come and meet the teams from: Children's Services ICT Services Human Resources Property and Grounds Business Management services The event is open to everyone and entry is FREE. Doors will open at 10am and will run until 4pm. There will also be a series of 15 minute seminars based on hot topics relevant at the time. To express an interest in attending please book on the event via Dorset Nexus or email nexus@dorsetcc.gov.uk.
Support is available if you have young carers in your school
07 Feb
Do you have pupils in your school who you know are – or you believe to be – young carers? The Dorset Young Carers Service can help you identify young carers, and take the first steps in supporting them. This includes assessing young carers to identify their individual needs and decide how to meet them. Please read through these guidelines before making a referral to the Dorset Young Carers Service. We understand the complicated dynamics of some families, so please feel free to contact us if you are unsure whether a referral is appropriate. Definition of a young carer Young carers are children or young people aged under 18yrs who provide significant care to someone in their family who has a disability, a long-term illness, or is affected by mental ill health or substance misuse. Young carers take on caring responsibilities, both practical and emotional, that an adult would normally undertake. Eligibility criteria To meet eligibility for the service, children and young people must meet our definition of a young carer. The service is funded to work with young carers aged 5-18, and we are unable accept referrals for young carers outside this age bracket. We advise agencies to contact the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 01202 228866 for children aged under five years, where there is concern that they are significantly affected by caring responsibilities. In all cases, it is important that parental consent is given for the referral. Children and young people may not be eligible if their caring responsibilities do not have an adverse impact on the following: • physical/mental health • education • emotional and behavioural development • family and social/peer relationships. Children and young people may not be eligible if: • care tasks are age appropriate and do not exceed what an ‘average’ child of their age would undertake (e.g. a teenager helping with some house work, walking to the local shop etc) • they are helping to support a primary adult carer with care tasks i.e. they are a secondary carer • they are living with a family member who is ill, disabled or misusing substances but are not providing care for that person, for themselves or for siblings. • their caring responsibilities are due to parenting issues or neglect (i.e. caring for siblings because parents are working or inattentive) • parental consent has not been given. Referral process Referrals can be made directly to the young carers service by completing a request for service form. If appropriate, we will complete an assessment as soon as possible and will inform the family and the referrer whether we are able to offer a service. Reviews If the child or young person meets our criteria, we will offer them a service, which includes access to group activities, one-to-one and family support. Each young carer will have an annual review to take into account changes in circumstances, and to ensure that the young carer is still eligible for support. To contact a member of the Young Carers team, please call 01305 225677 or email youngcarers@dorsetcc.gov.uk