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Meeting the needs of our most vulnerable children
28 May
Thank you all so much for the work you are carrying out to provide us with information about your most vulnerable children. We absolutely acknowledge that we are regularly asking you for lots of information and fully appreciate that can be a significant challenge and ‘labour intensive’. Following a successful short trial with a few providers we will be implementing a simpler, more efficient way of keeping us up to date about certain individual children. This takes account of feedback following the trial. Look out for an email from earlyyearsadvice@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk in which Salli Robinson, Early Years Advisor will explain this in more detail.
Podcast supporting early years providers as you prepare to open
27 May
Foundation Years have released a 50 minute video podcast to provide information and support for early years providers as you prepare to open for all children. It's suitable for: providers on the Early Years Register providers registered with an early years childminder agency maintained schools non-maintained schools independent schools
Early years additional needs funding; no evaluations required this year and applying for September
27 May
Providers in receipt of early years additional funding this academic year will not be asked to submit an evaluation of spending due to the current pandemic. If you require this funding for children returning in September 2020, you must send their applications to us by 30th June 2020. You are only need to complete one application, per child, per academic year. Download application form. Claims then need to be completed each term via Synergy Online. Please send applications to childcare@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk. If you have any questions please contact lynette.arthur@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk.
2 year funding Golden Tickets sent in June, but we'll explain impact of Covid19
27 May
The Department of Education have confirmed we'll receive the lists of parents eligible for 2 year early education funding in June. We'll send them Golden Tickets as normal, but we'll include a note explaining: that settings opening in June have been asked by the government to prioritise 3 and 4 year olds, followed by younger children. Therefore they might not be able to find provision until later this summer at the earliest that they can hopefully use the Golden Ticket in September if they can't use it this summer summarising the safety measures setting's are following to ensure children are safe As always, parents who think they are eligible, but don't receive a Golden Ticket, can apply online. Contact earlyeducationfunding@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk
Planning for wider opening of early years and out-of-school settings from 1 June - new guidance
27 May
The government's planning guide for early years and childcare settings published on 24 May states: “Settings may use their professional judgement, and choose to follow alternative approaches depending on their particular circumstances, but at all times will need to take account of relevant public health guidance to maximise safety for those in the environment. If providers choose to use this guidance, they should do so in conjunction with information and advice from local authorities and other sector bodies to help decide how best to implement this guidance in their setting”. This document is a guide; several statements use the terms ‘should’, ‘consider’ and ‘where possible’. Each individual group provision, school-based early years setting and childminding situation will be different and this guide is there to help you all to make decisions for your own circumstances. School-based early years providers will also be acting under the guidance of the school leadership teams and should liaise with them alongside considering the early years guidance. Updating your directory record If you have already informed us you plan to open on the 1 June, we have changed your directory status to ‘Open’. When completing the weekly survey, please remember to update us about all aspects of your provision including breakfast clubs, after school provision or holiday clubs. Your plans for the future By early next week, we will be contacting you to explore how this current situation is affecting you by asking questions about your business position, what you feel you need from us and how we can continue to support you.
Free Open University course on attachment in the early years
27 May
OpenLearn (Open University) are offering a free Level 2 online course attachment in the early years covering theory and research in the area of attachment in early childhood including the significance of attachment for lifespan development. After studying this course, you should be able to: describe attachment classifications and how they are assessed describe the features of care giving that influence attachment, and the significance of attachment for lifespan development discuss why the attachment system is an adapted and adaptive mechanism recognise the need for ethical conduct in research carried out with children describe the ethics principles of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and explain how research can be conducted ethically in line with these principles. After completing the course, you will earn a Statement of Participation and be able to access the online resources. Read more about free online training options.